For hippies, hipsters and happy people: Meet Heydaze Headbands

If you’re like me, it’s all about the latest and greatest. I want what’s new, what’s hot and what everyone else doesn’t have. My extremely stylish and talented friend Rachel Arnett just launched her own line of headbands and I’m obsessed. Her line, Heydaze, is dedicated to making unique, super comfy headbands that don’t hurt, give you forehead creases or headaches.

heydaze headbands review

Meet Rachel, isn’t she gorgeous?

Now, this isn’t just your typical headband. Rachel has been sewing her entire life and makes each and every product on the site. When we worked together, she would bring in items from her closet and alter them into completely different designs tailored to her size. Also, you should have seen last year’s hand-sewn hungry caterpillar Halloween costume—amazing.

So how does a girl go from Ad Agency to entrepreneur? With a free spirit and a ridiculous amount of talent, Rachel started Heydaze as a passion project a few months ago. Never ever thinking she would be making headbands or owning her own business, girl is beyond busy with orders and always adding new designs.

Her array of boho fabrics are hand picked from boutique fabric stores in sunny Sand Diego (where she now resides) or LA so you won’t see these patterns anywhere else. And the best part, each headband has a snapback in a vibrant hue that allows you to adjust the headband to custom-fit you or wear in endless ways. What’s even better is because she custom makes each and every headband, so for many styles, you can choose your snapback color. Here’s a peek:

heydaze headbans

Me HeyDaze-ing out in Indie Flower with a turquoise Snapback, $22.

snap back headbands

The Orenda–I die, $18.

snapback headbands

The backwards Snapback, $20.

snap back headbands

My all-time favorite bright pink leopard Snapback.

hey daze

Need this NOW, $22.

heydaze headbands

Happy People.


Spiritual Haze, $22.

snap back headbands



Totally in love, right? All Heydaze headbands are available at Plus, keep up with the latest and greatest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

So proud of you!

So proud of you!

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